Matthew 6:9 – Hallowed be thy name, (e hoanoia kou inoa.)


An investigation into a code constructed in the Hawaiian language to conceal a body of knowledge (ike huna) belonging to a psycho-religious belief system practiced by the kahunas of ancient Hawaii and elsewhere in Polynesia.

The realization that there might exist a code in the Hawaiian language that concealed a body of knowledge known only to the kahunas can be credited to the author, Max Freedom Long, whose consuming interest in the kahunas and their secret practices was attributable to the numerous testimonies of miracles performed by the Hawaiian kahunas; testimonies which came to his attention during the course of his stay in Hawaiian Islands. Because the kahunas were inviolably pledged to secrecy, Mr. Long was unable to learn from them exactly how they performed their miracles. One day in 1934, Mr. Long awoke with the idea that the kahunas must have had words with which to instruct the student kahunas, and he began a dogged search in the Hawaiian dictionary for any words which discussed man’s mental and spiritual nature. He found such words, but because these words were isolated words and not in any context, his progress in understanding was slow. It was not until 1953 that Mr. Long made his great breakthrough when he discovered the presence of coded information in the King James’ Bible. The words were now in context and there was a leap in his understanding. He referred to the coded information in the Hawaiian language as the Huna Code; the word huna, meaning that which is concealed. The research method adopted by the author to investigate coded material is the method suggested by Mr. Long; i.e., to study the alternate meanings of words and most particularly root words of the Hawaiian language translation of the King James version of the New Testament, especially the words of Jesus. The roots are non-overlapping. Read the roots sequentially. Because many Hawaiian words have multiple meanings, one has to carefully sort through each of them to consider which definition(s) might be applicable to a given discussion. In order to determine which definition “belongs”, one has to compare it with the definitions of juxtaposed words to see if together they make sense. In this manner, bit by bit, the subject of the discussion gradually emerges. The whole process is analogous to that of putting together the pieces of a picture puzzle. It is only when all of the pieces have been put in their respective places, that a complete and coherent picture then becomes visible. Jesus left a great treasure to the world. The treasure is not hidden in the ground. It is not hidden in a cave. It is hidden in his words. This investigation is being conducted by the author in the hope of helping to bring to light a greater understanding of the three minds of man and their powers; that this understanding may help man to live a more joyful, fulfilling, and abundant life. The author is not a teacher of the Huna Code, but a student whose aim is to share the knowledge of the Huna Code with other like minded students.

Matthew, Chapter 6, Verse 9 : Hallowed be thy name.

Mataio, Mokuna 6, Pauku 9 : e hoanoia kou inoa.

Materializing Your Desires

Prayer and the Roles of the Three Selves

Each of the three selves has a part to play in bringing about the fulfillment of a prayer. You, the conscious middle self, are the director of the performance of all parts of the prayer petition to your Superconscious High Self. Your primary responsibility is to create the thought form picture “seeds” of that which you desire to see manifested in your life, being careful to make sure that what you are asking for is not detrimental to any person(s) affected by your prayer; otherwise, your High Self will reject your petition. Your thoughtform seeds will be carried by your subconscious low self up into the “garden” of your High Self, “planted” there, and “watered” with mana/energy. Energy must accompany your thoughtform picture seeds (see hoho). Nothing lives or grows without energy. This law applies in the spiritual as well as the earthly realm. If your Superconscious High Self grants you permission for what you ask, It will “beget” or create the perfect circumstances for you to receive that which you desire. And your subconscious low self will guide you to experience those circumstances or chain of events leading to your goal. Miracles happen when all three selves work together.

Begin the prayer by calling your low self by name and “have a little talk” with your low self; explaining that it should be ready, at your cue, to leap up into the High Self waiting overhead; plant your picture seeds; bail mana/vital force onto the picture seeds; then slip back down again into the physical body.   

Immediately before giving the low self the order, you make the call to the High Self by breathing hard and reaching upward with your hand (see O below on how to do this). Hard breathing causes the light of the aka* body of the low self spirit to brighten. The High Self, noticing the brightening low self and upraised arm, descends, and aligns Itself into position above the head of the middle self’s upright physical body. You will know when the High Self is in position when you hear a tinkling sound. People with no physical arms can still make the call to their High Selves using their aka arms; i.e., “phantom limbs”. Even though the physical arms are missing, the spiritual arms are intact and can be moved and raised into position.    

At the precise moment when all three selves are aligned, you give the command to your low self to go; to leap up into the High Self and fulfill your orders.

Prior to and throughout the alignment, you, the conscious middle self, must mentally create and hold the thought form seed pictures of your desires; taking special care to consider all aspects so that whatever you desire will not turn out to be a “white elephant”; i.e.,  something you will regret having later. The familiar adage, “Be careful what you wish for” applies here.

Here is a warning. You must never petition your High Self to cause misfortune to someone even though you may feel justified in doing so. Your High Self is grieved at this (see Inoino) and will reject your prayer; returning your thought form seeds down to you in a flow of mana to sprout and grow inside the spirit body of your own subconscious low self, so that the misfortune you pictured for your adversary manifests in your life instead. In other words, you will suffer your own curse. Another thing. Make sure you are not inadvertently holding any negative or fear pictures in your mind’s eye at the moment the low self makes the leap up into the High Self because those aka picture seeds will be carried up by the low self into the High Self.

Upon completion of the prayer to the High Self, you, the middle self, must be prepared to do a kind act for others.    

If your desire/goal is to find a solution to a puzzling problem, the more you seek by exercising the thinking powers; by turning the problem over and over in your mind, the greater the likelihood of succeeding through the triggering of a great metaphysical law which must be fulfilled. This law as stated by Jesus two thousand years ago is “Seek, and ye shall find.” When the circumstance (see ano) in which you find yourself is perplexing, obscure and therefore difficult to explain to your low self; do not despair, remember that aka* pictures are what the low self carries up into the High Self. Visualize or imagine the desired outcome of the situation (the “plant”) and hold that image in your mind’s eye. Do not hold the picture of the thing that you dread or fear because it also is a seed that will sprout and develop into the undesired plant if held in mind and watered with mana long enough. (“Job 3:25 – For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.”) Have your low self plant only the seeds of your desired plants in the garden of your High Self. Keep on visualizing and watering them with mana until they sprout and develop into the plant you desire; that is, manifest in your life as a physical reality. You will also need to remove the “weeds” from time to time. The weeds are those doubts and other negative thoughtform seeds that will sprout in your mind along with your desired plant seeds. Do not allow the weeds to smother your plants; i.e., do not allow doubts to creep into your mind to destroy that which you desire. You will know that the weeds are beginning to overrun your plants when you notice that your thoughts are changing to thoughts of hopelessness, futility, impossibility, etc. Watch your thoughts and pluck out the weed thoughts as soon as they appear; because the longer the weed thoughts are allowed to develop, the stronger they become, and the greater the difficulty in removing them. Keep cultivating your desired plants so that they may one day produce “fruits” for you.   

Another ability the low self has, besides planting your thought form seeds inside the High Self, is the ability to locate your desired object, the “fish”, if it already exists in physical form. It is able to do this because of its unique anatomical structure, indicated by one of its symbol names; which is, “a calabash in a carrying net” (see Koko). As a calabash sits in a network of strings so too does the low self sit in its own network of invisible aka strings pulled from its spirit body and connected to many people, places, and things, including other networks. We are all connected. We are one. It is throughout this invisible aka network that the low self searches for and locates the match to the desire image created and held in mind by the conscious middle self. Through this invisible network flows mana/energy just as blood flows through the circulatory system in the physical body. And just as the blood carries traces of certain conditions existing in various parts of the physical body, mana circulating in the invisible aka network, carries traces of things existing in various parts of the invisible network(s); among them the aka traces of the conscious self’s fish.  The low self detects and follows the aka traces to the fish. Once it locates the fish, it attaches an aka “fishline” to it; returns to the physical body; and begins to nudge (see hoa) the conscious self toward the fish; following the guideline. The conscious self feels these nudges as urges, hunches to do things or to go to certain places. This is how the subconscious low self communicates with its conscious middle self; through feelings. Whenever you feel an urge to do something or go somewhere, consider that it may be your low self (your intuition) trying to help you. Although you may not understand why at the time, respond, follow the urge(s). In this way, through following your hunches, you develop your intuitive ability; your ability to sense messages coming from your low self. Through intuitive feelings, you will be led by your low self to that which you desire; whether it be an object you are trying to locate or your life partner. One other thing: your low self also warns you of impending danger; therefore, it is wise to develop your intuitive ability if only for this reason alone.  

As long as the conscious self continues to seek (see noo and noonoo) for the fulfillment of his desire(s) so too will his subconscious self continue to search the invisible networks of life until it finds the match(es) to the conscious self’s desire images. When one consciously, deliberately works with his subconscious self he soon realizes the benefits which come from doing this; i.e., the leads and warnings.  

Plant and cultivate your thoughtform desire seeds and plants frequently inside your subconscious self’s mind if you wish to materialize and enjoy abundant “fruits” throughout your lifetime. Begin now.       

 Aka*     The elastic substance of which the spirit body of the subconscious low self is composed.  


To enter, as into a country or city.     (To enter into the realm of the High Self.).


To be holy.    (The High Self is holy.).


To reverence in the highest degree.     (The utmost reverence for The High Self felt by the middle and low selves.).

To dare; to venture.     (The low self spirit ventures into the realm of the High Self spirit.).


Hoo. To enter; to be received, as into the mouth.     (To enter into the High Self.).


This syllable is a contraction of hoo.

To transfer.     (The low self ventures inside the High Self to transfer mana/energy and to bring the prayer pictures of the middle self.).

To carry or cause to be conveyed; to transport; to remove.     (The low self carries energy inside its spirit body to “water” your prayer thought form “seeds” that it plants in the “garden” of the High Self.).

To produce; to bring forward, as food on to the table.     (Food, in the Code, is another symbol for energy besides water. The subconscious low self spirit produces energy and shares it with the conscious middle self spirit.).


To breathe hard.     (When praying, breathe hard to generate more energy. Energy must be transferred up to the High Self to use in making changes in your life. No work is done without energy. This law applies in the spiritual realm as well as the physical realm.).


To call for a thing desired.     (To call your High Self.).

To extend or reach out, as the hand.

The sprit of a sail.     (Extend, reach out your arm like the diagonal pole on a spritsail; i.e., about 30 degrees from the vertical mast.).  

To answer to a call.     (The High Self answers your call.).

A tinkling sound. (The answer to your call is a tinkling sound. This means that the High Self is now in position to receive the low self.).


To change the state of things.     (If you want to make changes in your life.).

To transform; to change the external appearance.     (You can make dramatic   changes in your life with the help of your High and low selves.).

The meaning of a word or phrase.     (Put the ideas of your prayer into pictures.).

Likeness; resemblance; image of a thing.     (Create the thought-form seed pictures of that which you desire to see manifested in your life.).


Now; at the present time.     (Now is the time to transform your life with the help of your High and low selves. Begin now.).


A fish.     (A fish is the Code symbol for the object, person, circumstance, etc. desired and sought after by the conscious middle self in the sea of life.).


To designate the name of a person.     (Give your subconscious low self a name.).

To address one; to make a speech to one.     (Call your low self by name and make a speech to it concerning the task you want it to accomplish to help you further your goal.).

To say within one’s self.     (Talk to your low self inside you as though you were speaking to another person.).

To pronounce a single word, as a signal.     (After the speech give the one word order/signal to your low self to do/to go; e.g., “Seek.”).  


To beget, as a father.     (Your High Self Father will “beget” your desired objective; that is, cause the thing, circumstance, or person, etc. you desire to appear in your life.).


Name of a large, white sea bird.       (In the Code, a white seabird is one symbol for the subconscious self incarnated spirit. Your low self “seabird” will help you to hunt/fish for that which you desire once the High Self has located/created it for you.).


A companion; a fellow; a friend; an assistant.       (Your subconscious low self spirit is your constant companion, friend, and assistant.).

To tie; to secure by tying; to bind; to wind round, as a rope or string.     (The subconscious self spirit is tied to the physical body of the conscious self by an invisible cord of aka substance.


To cause to blaze.     (Hard breathing [see hoho above] causes the light of the low self’s spirit body to blaze.).

The High Self notices the blazing light of the spirit body of the low self. The upraised arm, [see o above] and the brightening light of the low self are the two simultaneous events comprising the call to the High Self.).      


To drive, as cattle.     (Intuitive communication from the low self to the middle self. Your low self urges, pushes, drives you in the direction of your desire; i.e., your fish, once it has located it and attached an aka guideline to it.).


To cause the hair to stand erect.      (Physical communication from the low self to the middle self accompanied by a feeling.).

The low self is always communicating to the middle self through feelings.


To be patient, submissive, humble; to be merciful, kind; to be ready to do a kind act.     (Once you petition your High Self for help, be prepared to do a kind act for others in return. And be patient. Your High Self is working on your request.).


A line; a cord, as a fish line.     (When your low self has succeeded in locating your fish, it will attach an aka “fishing line” to it.).  


To leak, as water under ground from a kalo patch; to ooze out. 

(Immediately prior to making the prayer to the High Self it is necessary to breathe hard (see hoho); this causes the low self to become so saturated with energy that it “leaks”. This excess energy will be carried by the low self up into the High Self to use in bringing about the answer to your prayer.).

In Hawaii, a kalo or taro patch is a type of wetland garden. In the Code, the subconscious low self is oftentimes referred to as a garden because it is inside the subconscious mind that the “plants” or desires of the conscious mind are cultivated until brought to fruition as physical reality.


To blow up water, as a hog with its snout under water.     (Water, in the Code, is the symbol for energy because like water, energy flows. To blow up water is to send mana/energy up to the High Self. Mana must be sent up with the prayer. Many references will be made, in different ways throughout the Code, as to the importance of sending mana up with the prayer.).


To seek; to search after; to reflect; to turn over and over in one’s mind; to exercise the thinking powers.     (If one does not have the first clue on how and/or where to begin searching for the desired object, place, person, situation, etc.; the way to begin is to mentally hold the intention to achieve the goal and take action regularly to reflect this intention even if the action is just a simple phone call, for example.).   

A thought; a device; a subject of meditation; an invention; seeking something new.     (Frequent contemplations of the object of desire, with the intention to find, accompanied by action taken, is a device to keep the low self searching for the objective.).


To cause to enter.     (The low self must be made to enter the High Self to plant the thought form picture seeds of your prayer and to water them with mana.).

To furnish; to supply.     (Mana must be furnished to the High Self each time a prayer is made.).

To stretch out; to extend, as the hand to do a thing. (Command action [along with the words] to the low self to go and seek the fish.).


To transfer.     (To transfer energy up to the High Self.).


Traveling Food.     (Food, in the Code, is another symbol for energy; hence, traveling food is traveling energy. In this context, energy traveling up to the High Self.).


To change the state of things.     (You, the conscious self, with the help of your Super conscious and subconscious selves, have power to make dramatic changes in your life.).

The explanation of a thing obscure.     (Obscure ideas, difficult to explain, can be communicated to the subconscious self via the use of imagery. For example, surround yourself with pictures, photos of the things, places, people, etc. you wish to see manifested in your life.).

To have a form or appearance.     (Ideas conveyed in pictures to the subconscious self.).

To be in fear.     (Do not hold pictures in your mind of the thing you fear. You will cause it to materialize in your life. [Job 3:25 – For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.]).


Seeds; the seeds of fruit.     (Thought form seeds created in the mind of the middle self, of the things, circumstances, persons, etc. desired.).


A sacred hallowed place.     (The realm of the High Self is the sacred place where your thought form seeds are to be planted.).


Yours.     (Your subconscious low self carries your thought form desire seeds in itself.).  

To look; to look about; to look here and there. (Your subconscious self searches for the match to your desire images.).  


To accomplish; to fulfill; to bring to pass, as a promise or a prophecy.     (Your High and low selves will help you to accomplish your goals; to fulfill your dreams.).

To perform what has been spoken.     (Be careful what you say about yourself because your subconscious self is listening and will obey/perform; that is, bring to pass what you have spoken. Never say negative things about yourself or anyone else for that matter.).

To obtain what one has sought after; to succeed in a search.     (As long as you keep searching mentally/physically for that which you desire, you will succeed because your subconscious self will obey and continue to search until it finds the match to your desire pictures.).

To draw or drag, as with a rope.     (The low self is attached by an invisible cord to the physical body until death. Wherever the middle self goes, it drags the low self along with it.).


Blood. (As the blood circulates throughout the network of blood vessels in the physical body, so does energy circulate throughout the invisible network of energy vessels inside the spirit body as well as outside of it.).


The netting or network of strings around a calabash. (A calabash in a carrying net is another symbol for the subconscious low self spirit because, just as the calabash is a container for storing and transporting water; the low self is, in itself, a container for storing and for transporting energy. [In the Code, water is a symbol for energy.]


To help; to assist.

To support; to establish; to sustain in any position or purpose.     (Your High Self will help you to establish yourself in a position and will sustain you in that position if such is your desire, provided you ask.).


To protrude.     (The subconscious low self spirit protrudes from the physical body.).

To draw out, as a pencil from a case.     (The low self spirit draws itself out of the physical body case to search the invisible seas of life for your “fish”.).

To be tinctured or impregnated with anything.     (The spirit body of the low self is saturated with mana/vital force/energy.).


A name; name of a person, place, or thing.     (Give a name to your subconscious low self. Give a name to your Superconscious High Self. Address them by name.).


To be bold; to dare.     (One who dares to pray to his High Self to send a curse to someone.).


          To curse.

Iniquity.     (A sin.).

To hurt; to injure; to render uncomfortable.     (If the purpose of a petition to the High Self is to harm or injure someone [a curse] or just to make him uncomfortable, it is a sin.).

To be or become worthless.     (To the High Self, a petitioner who desires to hurt others is worthless.).

To punish; to afflict; to suffer evil.     (And the supplicant who dares to petition for a curse is punished by his High Self by being made to suffer the same fate he envisioned for someone else.).

This is a warning.


A bad disposition; a mind for doing harm.     (A person who desires to harm others.).

To make sad; to be grieved. (The High Self is grieved by the middle self who desires to harm others through a curse.).     

To be very tempestuous, as the sea.     (Such a person experiences a turbulent life because his prayer to curse someone is not only rejected by his High Self, but he is sent a punishment for it as well [see ino].).


To ask earnestly; to ask, as in prayer.     (Your role, as the middle self, is to petition your High Self.).


Intermission or cessation from kapu.     (Kapu means prohibited. The Superconscious High Self is prohibited from interfering in the lives of the conscious middle and subconscious low selves except when petitioned by the middle self or other middle selves; in which case, the kapu is lifted temporarily or permanently.).

To be released from restraint.     (The High Self is released from the kapu only when petitioned for help by someone.).


(Love gives life within*)

(The End)


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