Huna Code in the Gospels : John 16:32 – and shall leave me (a e haalele oukou ia ‘u)




An investigation into a code constructed in the Hawaiian language to conceal a body of knowledge (ike huna) belonging to a psycho-religious belief system practiced by the kahunas of ancient Hawaii and elsewhere in Polynesia.

The realization that there might exist a code in the Hawaiian language that concealed a body of knowledge known only to the kahunas can be credited to the author, Max Freedom Long, whose consuming interest in the kahunas and their secret practices was attributable to the numerous testimonies of miracles performed by the Hawaiian kahunas; testimonies which came to his attention during the course of his stay in Hawaiian Islands. Because the kahunas were inviolably pledged to secrecy, Mr. Long was unable to learn from them exactly how they performed their miracles. One day in 1934, Mr. Long awoke with the idea that the kahunas must have had words with which to instruct the student kahunas, and he began a dogged search in the Hawaiian dictionary for any words which discussed man’s mental and spiritual nature. He found such words, but because these words were isolated words and not in any context, his progress in understanding was slow. It was not until 1953 that Mr. Long made his great breakthrough when he discovered the presence of coded information in the King James’ Bible. The words were now in context and there was a leap in his understanding. He referred to the coded information in the Hawaiian language as the Huna Code; the word huna, meaning that which is concealed.

The research method adopted by the author to investigate coded material is the method suggested by Mr. Long; i.e., to study the alternate meanings of words and most particularly root words of the Hawaiian language translation of the King James version of the New Testament, especially the words of Jesus. Because many Hawaiian words have multiple meanings, one has to carefully sort through each of them to consider which definition(s) might be applicable to a given discussion. In order to determine which definition “belongs”, one has to compare it with the definitions of juxtaposed words to see if together they make sense. In this manner, bit by bit, the subject of the discussion gradually emerges. The whole process is analogous to that of putting together the pieces of a picture puzzle. It is only when all of the pieces have been put in their respective places, that a complete and coherent picture then becomes visible.

Jesus left a great treasure to the world. The treasure is not hidden in the ground. It is not hidden in a cave. It is hidden in his words.

This investigation is being conducted by the author in the hope of helping to bring to light a greater understanding of the three minds of man and their powers; that this understanding may help man to live a more joyful, fulfilling, and abundant life. The author is not a teacher of the Huna Code, but a student whose aim is to share the knowledge of the Huna Code with other like minded students.

JOHN, Chapter 16 : Verse 32

 (IOANE, Mokuna 16 : Pauku 32)

 Behold the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

 Aia hoi,  e hiki ana ka manawa, ano hoi ua hiki mai, e hoopuehuia kela mea keia mea o oukou ma kona wahi, a e haalele oukou ia’u e hookahi wale no;  aole hoi au e hookahi wale ana, no ka mea, o ka Makua pu me au.

 … and shall leave me

…a e haalele oukou ia’u

Never forget that your loving Super conscious High Self exists. It floats and hovers in the air space above you, “on call” for you always. Do not be tempted by anyone who would have you disbelieve in the existence of your Higher Power. One who would lead you into believing that the High Self does not exist is leading you astray, enticing you to evil in order to gain an advantage over you. This deception leads to your entrapment. Indifference to this warning or forgetfulness of it will result in destitution for you. Consider that destitution manifests in various forms, not just in the form of poverty. One’s life could be destitute of joy or peace, for example.

Your job as the conscious middle self is to unify all three selves; the subconscious low self, the conscious middle self, and the Super conscious High Self, to make them as one. It is the conscious middle self’s task to act as director of the alignment of the three selves so that the thought form image balls of the desired condition, created by the conscious self during a period of meditation, can be carried upward in the flow of vital force/mana “water” into the Super conscious Self. When you make the call to the High Self, it moves down close to you aligning Itself opposite to and above you to be in position to “drink in” the flow of vital force (mana water) sent up by the subconscious self. The High Self drops an extension downward to receive and connect with the upward protrusion from the low self. Thus the creation of the”pipe”.  This is the Hawaiian chant to create the pipe:

E iho ana o luna.             Let down that which is above.

E pii ana o lalo.               Take up that which is below.

E hui ana na moku.        Unite that which is divided.

E ku ana ka paia.            Let the wall stand.

In order for the subconscious low self  to transfer the vital force carrying the thought-form image balls of your prayer up into the High Self, you, as the conscious middle self, must first give the order to the low self to create a conduit up into the High Self through which the mana can flow; i.e., a “pipe”. The low self creates the pipe by protruding a part of itself (much as an amoeba forms an extension of itself). There is one problem; however. At the time you give the order to the low self to create the “pipe” through which to send the mana flow, you must ensure that the low self completes the job correctly. This is necessary because the low self is liable to abandon the task; it is apt to “run off” before the task is completed. Or, the low self may fail to do the job completely by creating an extension that is too short; that does not reach to the High Self. Hence, the necessity of training the low self to complete the task of creating its section of the pipe and connecting to the High Self. In ancient Hawaii, the training of the subconscious low self was done through a dance. The dance, performed on bended knees and accompanied by singing, (see the root words haa and lele), climaxed in a leap with the low self landing on something above it. The dance was a demonstration, to show the low self how to make the leap and connect to the High Self above. It is not enough for the low self to just make the leap, the low self must also connect to the downward extension of the High Self to create the pipe.

It is through this pipe, if successfully made, that the low self conveys the current of mana “water”/vital force carrying the thought-forms of your prayer petition up into the light body of the High Self and it is through this same pipe that the High Self returns the current of mana. The returning current brings the thought form “seeds”, now charged with high mana, to be planted in the subconscious low self’s “garden” body; supercharged seeds that will grow into the desired circumstances for you. Not only will the supercharged thought form seeds sprout and grow into the desired conditions for you, they will grow at an accelerated rate; i.e., the process of manifestation is speeded up through an action of mind of the High Self.


Name of a large, white sea bird. (Symbol of the subconscious low self spirit. A bird symbolizes a spirit. White or yellow/white is the color of the low self’s spirit body. And “fishing” the invisible ocean of life for the match to the conscious self’s thought form image is an ability of the subconscious self.).


A small person. (Represents the low self subconscious.).  Silent. Inability to speak. (The subconscious low self the self who cannot speak; the conscious middle self the self who speaks; the Super conscious High Self the Self who speaks silently.).


To dash upon, as waves upon something. To enter. (Image of the waves of vital force/energy dashing upon and entering into the High Self; a transfer of energy from the two lesser selves.). In advance; beforehand. (The mana/vital force/energy must be transferred up to the High Self before a petitioner’s prayer request can be answered.


Caressing; inviting; kind. (Traits of the High Self). Opposite to. (The Super conscious High Self aligns directly over the physical body of the conscious middle self so as to be in position to receive the flow of vital force sent up by the subconscious low self. Out of sight. (The light body of the High Self vibrates beyond the visible light spectrum.).


To abandon, as a job before it is finished. To leave unfinished. To desert; to forsake. (The subconscious low self is like a child who needs to be supervised while being taught a new task. In this case, the task is to learn to successfully transfer mana/vital force up to the Super conscious High Self. The problem is that, like a child learning something new, it is apt to abandon the task before it is completed and run off. Hence, the necessity of training the low self to complete the task. If the conscious mind and the subconscious mind selves do not complete their parts successfully, the prayer to their Super conscious Self fails.


A strong breathing. To breathe out through the mouth. By fours. (Reference to the Ha Breath Rite, see post John 15:05-I am the vine, ye are the branches:). See ale below.


One who bears a message. A messenger. (One of the abilities of the subconscious low self is to act as a messenger between the conscious middle self and the Super conscious High Self. The messages are composed of trains and clusters of thought form images. Thought form images created by the conscious self are stored in the subconscious self’s spirit body as memories of actual or imaginary events. The Super conscious Self sends messages to the conscious self via the subconscious self. These messages are also composed of thought form images; however, these images are generally symbolic images which must be interpreted.


A Hawaiian dance style characterized by the bending of the knees and accompanied by singing. An act of worship. (The knees are bent to enable the dancer to spring upward, see lele below. This dance is primarily performed as an act of worship but its secondary purpose is to train the subconscious self to leap upward to the Super conscious self in order to transfer vital force carrying the thought form prayer image balls.). Short. (When you give the order to the low self to make the leap up to the High Self, you need to be aware that it might not leap high enough to make the connection so that the “pipes” cannot be connected. Here again we see the necessity of training the subconscious self to perform the task successfully.


To jump; to leap. (The subconscious low self must leap up to the Super conscious High Self in order to transfer vital force/energy carrying the thought form prayer images of the conscious middle self.).


To cause to swell up, as water. To rise high. (The root words ha and ale respectively mean 4 and wave. This refers to the 4 waves of mana/energy which must be transferred up to the High Self by the combined efforts of the two lower selves.


An altar for offerings to a god. (The altar is the place inside the High Self and the offerings are the 4 charges of vital force of the Ha Breath Rite. See post John 15:05-I am the vine, ye are the branches:).


The number four. A strong breath. (Refers to the 4 strong breaths of the Ha Rite to generate surplus vital force and to transfer it up to the High Self. The conscious mind self takes the 4 strong breaths and the subconscious mind self transfers the released energy of aerobic respiration up to the Super conscious Mind Self.).


A wave. A billow put in motion by the wind. (Energy is transferred in waves. To transfer energy up to the High Self, the low self must “push” the newly released mana “water”/energy of the Ha Rite, see post John 15:05, to form a series of 4 waves of vital force just as the wind pushes surface water to form waves. The vital force/energy waves are “boosted” up a helical path to successively higher orbits on their journey up to the High Self. When each of the 4 consecutive waves of energy are generated, they must be in-sync, or, like ocean waves, they cancel each other and fall to the lower orbits. The result is that the transfer of vital force/energy up to the High Self fails and the Ha Breath Rite to generate and transfer energy must be done over. Without a transfer of sufficient energy, the High Self cannot complete the exchange of the old conditions for the new as requested by the conscious self in his prayer petition. No work can be done without energy and no work can be completed without sufficient energy. This law applies to the spiritual world as well as the physical world.


To toss about, as restless waters. (If the Ha Breath waves of vital force/energy are not- in-sync, so that the energy waves “toss about” then the transfer of energy to the High Self cannot be completed and the Ha Rite must be done over.


To move by a succession of jumps. (This refers to the traveling movement of vital force/energy as a series of waves. Energy is transferred in this manner.).


To perform a series of running jumps. (The 4 “breath boosts” of the Ha Breath Rite are performed to demonstrate to the low self how each of the 4 consecutive energy waves are to be propelled up the helical path to the High Self by the low self. Each wave must ascend in an unfluctuating cadence and  phase velocity for each of the 4 wave “jumps”; otherwise, the energy waves fall to a lower orbit and fail to reach the High Self. If this occurs, energy has failed to be transferred to the High Self.

To run off frequently, as a servant for a small offense. (The servant here is the subconscious low self who is a “servant” to the conscious middle self, a servant who obeys all the orders the middle self gives to it. Occasionally however, like a servant who perceives he has committed an offense, the low self is apt to “run off” from the task at hand, which in this instance is the transferring of vital force up to the High Self. In other words, just because you have given your low self an order to perform a task, this does not necessarily mean that the task will be completed. The result of the servant’s “running off” is that the mana/energy will not be transferred to your High Self. Consequently, the answer to your prayer petition will be delayed.


You.  (You, the conscious middle self, must “supervise” your subconscious low self to ensure that the task you have ordered it to perform is successfully completed. Because, if the low self fails to do its part, the entire prayer petition to the High Self fails and the awaited answer is delayed. The unanswered prayer is oftentimes a delayed answer prayer because of the insufficiency of mana/vital force transferred up to the High Self. Not enough energy has been transferred to the High Self for It to make the requested changes on the physical plane of existence. All life exists and evolves through the continuous transfer of energy. The law of energy transfer exists in the spiritual world just as it does in the physical world. If energy is defined as the ability to do work on something, one would infer from this definition that for any given task, if there is insufficient energy input, that task cannot be completed. A sufficient amount of energy must be transferred up to the High Self along with the prayer petition; otherwise, the High Self cannot complete the petitioner’s request, assuming the High Self has given Its consent to your prayer petition.


A kind of bird. (A bird is a symbol of the subconscious low self.). To commit a small offense. To break off the top of a plant, bud, or leaf. (To break off a part of the plant is a pictorial image of the damage done by the subconscious self to a developing thought form “plant” of your desired (or undesired) physical manifestation inside the “garden” body of itself. According to your spoken words, see ko below, the subconscious self will either continue to “grow” and develop the thought form plant of physical manifestation or it will “damage” the thought form plant in some way so that when your desired physical manifestation finally makes its appearance in your life, it is imperfect in some way, according to your spoken word.


To fulfill; to be brought to pass. To perform what has been spoken. (The subconscious low self will fulfill your spoken words; that is, it will bring to pass what it hears you say about yourself repeatedly, good or bad. Through one’s own spoken words he either sabotages or empowers himself, because his subconscious self will grow and develop the thought form plant of physical manifestation according to the spoken words. The conscious self’s words, spoken repeatedly, induce a hypnotic condition upon the subconscious self with respect to a given subject. In short, be careful of what you say about yourself because your subconscious self is listening and will obey your words.


Traveling food. (Food is the symbol for vital force. Traveling food means that energy is being transferred.).


A carried offering. (The offering carried by the subconscious self up to the Super conscious Self is the charge of vital force.).


To desire earnestly. To be saturated with something. (The thought form of the thing that one desires to manifest in his life must be saturated with vital force. When one has a strong desire for something, he causes its thought form seed/plant to be saturated with vital force. A strong desire “waters” the thought form seed/plant, charging it with vital force.).

Ia’u (A contraction of ia and au)

By me. (The High Self is referring to Itself here.). 


To enter; to be received, as into the mouth. (Vital force entering the “mouth” of  the High Self.).


A current. A train of thought. To expedite; to hurry. An action of mind. (The current of mana “water”/vital force carrying the train of thought form image balls of the conscious self’s desired manifestations flows through the “mouth” and into the light body of the High Self. Through an action of mind of the High Self, the physical manifestations of the desired objects/persons/circumstances  make their appearance in one’s life at an accelerated rate.

The next article continues with John 16:32 – alone; (e hookahi wale no;). This discussion  concerns those particular thought form image balls residing in your subconscious mind which prevent you from moving forward in your life.


(Love gives life within*)



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