Huna Code in the Gospels : John 16:32 – the Father is with me. (o ka Makua pu me au.).




An investigation into a code constructed in the Hawaiian language to conceal a body of knowledge (ike huna) belonging to a psycho-religious belief system practiced by the kahunas of ancient Hawaii and elsewhere in Polynesia.

The realization that there might exist a code in the Hawaiian language that concealed a body of knowledge known only to the kahunas can be credited to the author, Max Freedom Long, whose consuming interest in the kahunas and their secret practices was attributable to the numerous testimonies of miracles performed by the Hawaiian kahunas; testimonies which came to his attention during the course of his stay in Hawaiian Islands. Because the kahunas were inviolably pledged to secrecy, Mr. Long was unable to learn from them exactly how they performed their miracles. One day in 1934, Mr. Long awoke with the idea that the kahunas must have had words with which to instruct the student kahunas, and he began a dogged search in the Hawaiian dictionary for any words which discussed man’s mental and spiritual nature. He found such words, but because these words were isolated words and not in any context, his progress in understanding was slow. It was not until 1953 that Mr. Long made his great breakthrough when he discovered the presence of coded information in the King James’ Bible. The words were now in context and there was a leap in his understanding. He referred to the coded information in the Hawaiian language as the Huna Code; the word huna, meaning that which is concealed.

The research method adopted by the author to investigate coded material is the method suggested by Mr. Long; i.e., to study the alternate meanings of words and most particularly root words of the Hawaiian language translation of the King James version of the New Testament, especially the words of Jesus. Because many Hawaiian words have multiple meanings, one has to carefully sort through each of them to consider which definition(s) might be applicable to a given discussion. In order to determine which definition “belongs”, one has to compare it with the definitions of juxtaposed words to see if together they make sense. In this manner, bit by bit, the subject of the discussion gradually emerges. The whole process is analogous to that of putting together the pieces of a picture puzzle. It is only when all of the pieces have been put in their respective places, that a complete and coherent picture then becomes visible.

This investigation is being conducted by the author in the hope of helping to bring to light a greater understanding of the three minds of man and their powers; that this understanding may help man to live a more joyful, fulfilling, and abundant life. The author is not a teacher of the Huna Code, but a student whose aim is to share the knowledge of the Huna Code with other like minded students.

JOHN, Chapter 16 : Verse 32

(IOANE, XVI : 32)

Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

Aia hoi, e hiki ana ka manawa, ano hoi ua hiki mai, e hoopuehuia kela mea keia mea o oukou ma kona wahi, a e haalele oukou ia’u e hookahi wale no; aole hoi au e hookahi wale ana, no ka mea, o ka Makua pu me au.

 the Father is with me.

o ka Makua pu me au.

 When performing an exorcism for someone who is possessed by great numbers of spirits sent into him via the anaana (see prior post), the kahuna exorcist first makes a prayer or call to the Superconscious  High Self of the stricken one. His High Self responds swiftly, descending close to the conscious middle self’s physical body and aligning directly above it, “coming to anchor” there. The High Self will not violate the law of free will and so does not act to save the stricken middle and low selves over which It stands as guardian, unless petitioned by someone. There must be a petition to the High Self before It will intervene in the affairs of Its own middle and low selves. The Superconscious High Self, once aligned above the conscious middle self’s physical body, shoots a ray of light (see ka) down into it, striking the subconscious low self’s spirit body and uprooting the multitude of spirit vampires who have attached themselves to the low self’s spirit body in order to suck the vital force being produced in it. The dislodged spirits flee out of the physical body and scatter in all directions, coming to rest outside of but not far away from the physical body (house) of which they have taken possession. These vampire spirits are trapped. They are unable to leave the source of their “food” or vital force (mana) produced in the physical body they have claimed as their own, unless there is another living physical body nearby that they can invade and “claim”.  Even so, they need a store of vital force or “traveling food” (see o) in order to make the transition to another live physical body. The live physical body can be an animal. Besides human beings, other animals with gall or bile secreting livers which generate glucose for energy/vital force, can be used by vampire spirits as a source of vital force; which is why the legion of demons possessing the Gadarene man, (see Mark 5:1-20), begged Jesus not to cast them out of the Gadarene’s body but to send them, instead, into the herd of swine feeding nearby so that the demons could continue to be supplied with vital force from the pigs.

The invisible substance body of the subconscious low self mind, is the repository of all thought-form clusters ever created by its attached conscious middle self mind as well as thought-form clusters sent into it from outside the physical body of which the conscious mind is not aware. The spirit bodies of the subconscious low self and the conscious middle self are linked together by a cord (kaa) of invisible substance. Through this connecting cord, the subconscious low self mind transfers old thought-form impressions from within itself up to the conscious middle self mind to surface as a memory. Through  the same cord, the subconscious low self mind transfers newly created thought-form impressions from within the conscious middle self mind down to the “garden” inside of itself to be “planted” there until recalled by the conscious middle self mind. The attached pair of middle and low selves, is also connected to the physical body by a cord from the low self, remaining connected to the physical body for as long as the physical body is alive. After the death of the physical body, the pair of attached middle and low selves loses the connecting cord to the physical body and become disembodied spirits. As disembodied spirits, the pair either ascend into the High Self or are left to float in the invisible ocean of life.

The subconscious low self’s spirit body covers and surrounds the conscious middle self physical body much as a loose robe does when tied around one. The subconscious’ spirit body resembles the physical body in which it resides in that it is similar in size and shape, that is, the spirit body “fits” its physical body as a loose garment. Physically, people come in all sizes and shapes. Their subconscious spirit bodies correspond in size and shape to their physical bodies and retain the same size and shape after death. The kahuna exorcist uses this knowledge of the “garment” body when performing an exorcism, especially in those instances where someone is possessed with a great many spirit entities as from the anaana. In order to determine which one, out of the multitude of spirit “claimants” in possession of the physical body, is the rightful spirit occupant, the kahuna exorcist will go through a process of elimination, comparing each claimant spirit’s body to the physical body of the possessed one to see if it is the same size and shape; i.e., that its “garment” body “fits” the physical body as a loose robe. All spirit entities whose garment bodies do not fit or are out-of-shape, are sent away until only those spirit entities remain with spirit bodies of the same size and shape as the physical body of the possessed one. Of these remaining entities, only one, will be the rightful occupant of the physical body. To determine which one, out of all the spirit “finalists” similar in size and shape to the physical body, is the rightful subconscious spirit belonging to that body the kahuna exorcist will look for the cord, which in life always connects the subconscious’ spirit body to its physical body. This cord pays out as the low self moves farther away from the physical body but always remains attached to it. That spirit with its cord attached to the physical body claimed by the multitude of possessing spirits, is the rightful occupant and is called by the kahuna to re-enter it. As for the other spirit claimants with “garment” bodies of the same size and shape as the beleaguered physical body, but lacking the cord, they have been eliminated and are sent away by the kahuna. In order to be able to see the “garment” bodies of the spirit claimants in possession of the physical body, the kahuna exorcist must get all of the multitude of spirits to stand erect. He does this by hypnotizing them. Under hypnosis, they all obey the kahuna’s order to stand erect, and have the appearance of a thick forest; i.e., a thick stand of trees. It is this thick stand of “trees” which is “cut down” and cast away one by one from the physical body  by the exorcist kahuna.


     To call for a thing desired. (The prayer made to the High Self). To call loudly to. (To the High Self). To answer to call. (The High Self answers the call). The effect for the cause. (The High Self acts). To extend or reach out, as the hand or finger. (The kahuna exorcist orders his subconscious self to extend part of its spirit body out through his outstretched hand pointed toward the vampire spirits.). To pierce. (The subconscious spirit’s “hand” extension out through the kahuna exorcist’s outstretched physical hand pierces and enters the vampire spirits’ bodies.). To dip, as fingers in a fluid. (The “fingers” of the extended spirit “hand” dip into the vital force flowing through the spirit bodies of the vampire spirits.). Traveling food. (Traveling food is a symbol for transferred vital force. The kahuna exorcist then transfers a flow of hypnotic vital force through the connection into the vampire spirits’ bodies.).


     Name of a kind of bird found in great numbers in Hawaii. (Represents the great multitude of disembodied spirits.).


     To shrink away. (As disembodied spirits do when not supplied with vital force.).


     To strike. (The High Self strikes the vampire spirits hiding in the subconscious low self  with a ray of light.). To finish or end a thing. (To end the possession by the vampire spirits). To flee away. (The cast out vampire spirits flee.). To radiate; to go out from the center, as light rays from the sun. (The sun is a symbol of the Super Conscious High Self). To proceed in a direct line from a point. (As a light ray). To go out every way, as from a center. (Light rays emanating from the Super conscious High Self). To catch birds in a snare. (Trapped disembodied spirits). To be disappointed; put to confusion; to be made ashamed. (As disembodied spirits are when caught). A sudden violent hit. (By the light ray from the Super conscious High Self spirit). To turn over the soil; to uproot. (Refers to the uprooting/dislodging of the multitude of vampire spirits hiding in the physical body by the light ray strike from the High Self.).

To make a completion or ending of; to destroy utterly. (To make a complete end of the possession  by the vampire spirits.).


     To rip open. (As vampire spirits do to the spirit body of the subconscious low self in order to gain access to the vital force circulating within it). To dip or bail out water. (Refers to the draining of a person’s vital force by the vampire spirits). Fruits that grow in clusters, as grapes. (Symbolic of thought-form seed clusters that have come to fruition; i.e., become manifest in a person’s life. Memories). Much fruit in one place. (Symbolic of all memory thought-forms stored in the subconscious low self’s mind).


     A bow for shooting arrows. To bend, as a bow. (The High Self shoots a light ray “arrow” down into the spirit body of the subconscious low self to dislodge the multitude of vampire spirits draining away the vital force.).


     Small cracks or open spaces in any substance. (Refers to the holes made by the multitude of vampire spirits in the subconscious’ spirit body through which they “drink” the vital force). Unclean; filthy. (Unclean vampire spirits.).


     A cord; a rope. (An invisible substance, aka, cord connects the subconscious low self’s spirit body to the conscious middle self’s spirit body as well as to the physical body. A pathway. (The invisible substance cord connecting the conscious and subconscious mind selves through which thought-form clusters travel in a two-way flow.). To cause to be done; to be gone. (To exorcise evil spirits). To operate; to take effect. (The exorcism). To pass out from. (As vampire spirits from the physical body of the possessed one due to an exorcism.). To travel about from place to place. (Vampire spirits travel about seeking victims from whom they may steal vital force.). To be transferred from one place to another. (The kahuna exorcist transfers/sends away vampire spirits as Jesus did for the possessed Gadarene man. See Mark 5:1-20). Gone; absent; no more. (The evil spirits are gone after they have been exorcised from the physical body). To radiate; to go out, as rays of light from the sun. (Appearance of the High Self). A continuous or protracted state. (The hypnotic or trance-like state induced by the kahuna exorcist through the use of a higher voltage of vital force.).


     Of full age. (The High Self or The Light). A parent. (The High Self or The Light). A benefactor; a provider. (Your High Self or Light). To enlarge; to grow. (Your light grows as you evolve to a higher consciousness). To strengthen; to sustain. (Your High Self or Light does this on your behalf.).


     To run and hide; to flee. (Refers to the cast out vampire spirits). To be numerous. (As the multitude of spirits in possession of a body as a result of the anaana or sorcery performed by the kahuna anaana.).


     Name of a large sea bird. (A bird is a symbol for a spirit).


     To perish. (As evil spirits without a supply of vital force).


     To cut or hew down, as a tree. To cut out. To overthrow. (Ending the possession by vampire spirits is like cutting down one tree at a time.). To cast away. (As evil spirits). To strike in a horizontal direction. (Refers to the kahuna exorcist’s face off with the multitude of spirits standing outside of and around the physical body after the High Self dislodges them from it with a light ray in a downward vertical strike). A house. (Symbol of the physical body in which spirits reside).


     To fade. (As the spirit body of the subconscious low self does when being drained of its vital force by the vampire spirits). To wear out. (Great fatigue felt by the conscious middle self when vital force is being drained out of its subconscious low self spirit body).


     To stand or stop opposite to. (The kahuna exorcist stands opposite the possessed physical body while the Super conscious High Self or The Light aligns and stops directly above the physical body. The kahuna exorcist and the High Self thus “position” themselves in order to perform the exorcism). To hit; to strike against; to pierce. (The light ray shot downward into the physical body by the High Self strikes and pierces the subconscious self’s spirit body). To rise up. (Hypnotized vampire spirits obey when the kahuna exorcist orders them to stand.). To stand erect. (Hypnotized vampire spirits obey when the kahuna exorcist orders them to stand erect so he can see their spirit bodies). To cause to stand. (Hypnotic effect induced by the kahuna exorcist through the use of a higher voltage of vital force transferred into their spirit bodies.). To resist. (Resistance by vampire spirits when confronted by the kahuna exorcist). To stretch out, as the hand. (Part of the aka, spirit body, belonging to the kahuna exorcist’s subconscious self, extends out through the kahuna’s hand outstretched toward the multitude of dispossessed spirits). To be placed or set in a state or condition. (The kahuna exorcist places the spirits in a hypnotic state in which they are compelled to obey the kahuna’s orders). To fit; to be like; to resemble. To fit, as a garment. (Refers to the subconscious mind’s spirit body which fits the physical body in size and shape much as a loose garment does). Right; fit; proper; put in order. (Refers to the physical body or “house” after the spirit “claimants” have been cast out of it). To extend; to reach from one place to another. (As the invisible substance extension from one person to another, through which  thought-forms are sent on a flow of hypnotic vital force.). Belonging to; befitting. (Refers to the rightful spirit occupant of the physical body). A portion of land which does not pass with all the land from one owner to another but whose ownership is fixed. (Symbolic of the incarnate subconscious spirit’s “garden” body in which the “seeds” of all manifestation are planted. While the subconscious self is still embodied in the flesh, it is always affixed or “anchored” to the physical body by a cord. Therefore, it cannot travel from one physical body “owner” to another as the disembodied spirit can. A disembodied spirit no longer has a physical body or the cord attachment to anchor it to a physical body; therefore, it can travel to occupy other physical bodies. The embodied subconscious spirit; on the other hand, has a “fixed” ownership to its physical body “house” because of the cord. It cannot occupy the physical body of another living human being.).


     Name of a large sea bird. (A bird is a symbol of a spirit).


     A little person. (The subconscious low self). To surround, as a loose garment tied around one. (Refers to the subconscious’ spirit body which covers and surrounds the physical body as a loose robe).


     A temporary abode. (A living physical body or “house” possessed by disembodied spirits who “moved in” after they lost their physical body “houses” at death.).


     To pay out, as a rope or cable. (Refers to the invisible substance cord connecting the subconscious’ spirit body to its physical body. The cord pays out as the subconscious spirit moves away from its physical body “house”.). To dismiss or send away. (As the vampire spirits sent away by the kahuna exorcist). To allow to come. (The kahuna exorcist allows the rightful subconscious spirit to come and re-occupy its physical body). To send away, as a multitude. (The kahuna exorcist sends the multitude of spirit “claimants” away. Recall the legion of unclean spirit “claimants” that Jesus sent out of the Gadarene.).


     The name of an unclean bird. (Represents an unclean spirit). To stand before one. (As a hypnotized unclean spirit standing before the kahuna exorcist.). A rising or standing up. To stand up together.(Hypnotized unclean spirits rise and stand when ordered to do so by the kahuna exorcist). Standing erect; rising up. Standing thickly together, as trees. (As a hypnotized multitude of standing unclean spirits). To be filled, as with food. To surfeit. (As gluttonous vampire spirits after their meal of stolen vital force).


     The rising of anger. (Anger rises up from the multitude of possessing spirits to surface in the conscious self; a symptom of the possession.). Mental tumult. (Symptom of one possessed by vampire spirits.). Worm-eaten. (Refers to appearance of the spirit body of the subconscious self because of the multitude of vampire spirits boring holes into it to access the vital force. Enfeebled; worn out. (The conscious self is weak, worn out due to the draining away of vital force by the vampire spirits. Another symptom of the possession.).


     The name of a bird. (A bird symbolizes a spirit).


     To call; to call out. (The kahuna exorcist calls out to the disembodied spirits). To come forth from; to come out of. (The kahuna exorcist calls out to those vampire spirits still hiding in the victim’s physical body to come out of it.). A conch; a shell; a horn. (The kahuna blows a large conch shell to call the spirits. Although they do not have physical ears to hear, the acoustic vibrations through their spirit bodies attract the attention of the spirits.). To choose by lot. (Because of the great number of spirits in an anaana possession, the kahuna exorcist calls them “for inspection” by lots. This inspection is conducted in order to determine which spirit out of the multitude is the rightful occupant of the physical body.).


     To sit still in one place; not to go. (Stubborn unclean spirits who refuse to come out of the physical body). To be slow; to lag behind. (Laggard spirit occupants; i.e., slow in coming out of the physical body).


     A temporary house. (A living physical body “host” to disembodied or “homeless” spirits).


     Any defect; material, moral, or mental. (Character defects of the disembodied vampire spirits.).


     A contraction of mea. An external object. (Something from outside one, as disembodied spirits). An invisible substance. (Of which spirit bodies are composed). A person. Having the quality of possessing something. (A person possessed by disembodied spirits).


     A current. (Vital force circulating throughout the body). The time of one’s life. (The lifetime of a person, during which vital force is produced in the body, and after which no vital force is produced because of the cessation of the metabolic activity converting food into energy or vital force. With the death of their physical body, the pair of newly disembodied conscious and subconscious spirit selves who have not been pulled up into their High Selves, are left behind without “food” or vital force/mana which they still require, so they resort to vampirism or the stealing of vital force from the living). A place where food grows. (Food is the symbol for vital force in the Huna Code. The place where “food”/vital force grows is inside the spirit body of the subconscious low self. The low self manufactures/“grows” vital force in living physical bodies through the process of aerobic respiration.). A tract of land suitable for food production. (The “garden” body of the subconscious self where vital force/”food” is “grown”). The gall of animals. (Besides human beings, other animals can be used by vampire spirits as a source of vital force. Animal substitutes are those with gall or bile secreting livers which metabolize food into energy or vital force; i.e., pigs.).

The next article in John 16:32 – and yet I am not alone, because…warns of the consequences of misusing the knowledge of Huna.



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